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Computer Hints and Tips

Hi, thanks for dropping by - please be patient as this is a new site and will have ongoing development for a while. As soon as the newsletter is ready we will post a notice and ask that you please complete the form on the left to sign up for the newsletter. Thank you!

Computer Main Board

This site shares information on both hardware and software along with tips and techniques for completing simple tasks on your computer or tablet. This site is aimed at the newbie, the hesitant or the senior person who needs a bit of help before jumping feet first into the world of computers.

No matter what we use, it gives us a feeling of accomplishment when we are able to complete a task. This may be opening an email or attaching a file or photo so we can send it to a relative, friend or associate.

I will also share information on the improved storage methods and capacities of hard drives, USB drives, memory cards and Solid State drives. Then there are CDs, DVDs and BDs (Blue-Ray discs) to be used for specialized storage such as music, movies or small backup files.

For those of you who prefer it or need it, video and audio books also provide learning materials that you can carry with you for any spare time you may have or for reference. This is another example of the new technology that is gaining popularity over the age old printed materials.

Eventually, I would like you to share your questions, opinions, thoughts, feelings, likes, dislikes and any other information about computers. This site is dedicated to helping people understand and work with computers, or simply get answers to the many computer related questions they may have. Thanks for visiting.

Short Glossary of Computer Terms Some links included, please feel free to do an internet search on any of the terms that are of interest to you.
APIApplication Programming Interface
DLLDynamic Link Library
FTPFile Transfer Protocol
HTMLHyper Text Markup Language
HTTPHyper Text Transfer Protocol
IISMicrosoft Internet Information ServerWikipedia
ISPInternet Service ProviderWikipedia
CSPCommunication Service ProviderWikipedia
NCSANational Center for Supercomputing ApplicationsU of Illinois
PPPPoint to Point Protocol
ScriptList of tasks (mini program) used to automate a manual process
SDKSoftware Development Kit
TCP/IPTransmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
URLUniversal Resource Locator or Web Page Address
WWWWorld Wide WebWikipedia
USBUniversal Serial BusWikipedia