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Computers in Health

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Computer Main Board with Stethoscope

Computers in Health

Please note that this information has been compiled from different sources on the internet and is meant to be used only as reference material. One such source is "A History of Computing in Medicine" by Matthew Case, Kevin Clement, Genevieve Orchard and Rebecca Zou.

Two of the major applications of computers in medicine are electronic medical records and clinical decision support systems.

EMR (electronic medical record) system

Electronic medical records enable medical professionals to compile data from individual patients and from related case histories, and use this information to provide the best possible treatment and care for their patients. Computers are used for tasks such as ordering tests and medications; advanced imaging systems; monitoring devices; robotic surgery and treatment planning. Computerized systems make it easy to enter new data for patients as they come into the hospital, but a medical history that contains only partial information is not that beneficial. In order to reap the full benefit of an EMR system, it pays to have complete patient histories. Networked computers were previously used mostly for record keeping and administrative functions. Computer technology has made reference material easily accessible and searchable in any clinical setting. Examples of such reference information include drug databases, advisory systems, disease databases, and so on. This is perhaps the most widely accepted clinical use of information technology. Today, almost every general practitioner has a desktop and/or handheld computer, facilitating easy access to up-to-date databases of clinical information.

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