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Hi, thanks for dropping by - please be patient as this is a new site and will have ongoing development for a while.

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It does not matter if you like computers or not, the fact that you are here puts you in the right place. It has been one of my dreams to share the things I love in life with others. Maybe you have the same love, even if you don't then I hope that this site inspires you to learn as much as you need to know, be it for business or pleasure. The love of computers began quite suddenly and very early in my career. I do remember exactly when it happened. I was put into a programming group as a result of passing a computer aptitude test. With no prior knowledge of computers, I was forced to learn on the job, by taking evening courses and by avidly devouring book after book in every spare moment I had. The schedule after work was the same weeknights - dinner at home, shower and relax for a while, then back on the computer. The exception to this would be when I had an evening course, then it would be dinner out (whatever fast food I could grab before classes). Many late nights or early mornings, then to sleep and up the next day for a repeat.